Jaanuu scrubs review

Healthcare workers deserve better than cheap, uncomfortable uniforms that are boxy and do absolutely nothing to highlight their individual style. However, there is an alternative to those unflattering and irritating traditional scrubs. The creators of Jaanuu reimagined scrubs as something more comfortable and tasteful than they were previously.

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But is this company legit? How Does It Work? Jaanuu, by Dr. Neela, is a company that makes high quality work wear made with silvadur, an antimicrobial material that prevents microorganisms and unpleasant odors. Not only are their garments functional, but they have a number of exclusive styles to liven up your workday attire. You can also get cloth face masks that come in individual, reusable bags for your protection. These masks come in a variety of colors and a couple of cute patterns for anyone in your life.

With both child and adult sizes, you can get masks in packs for the whole family. They have a couple of different collections, such as Dr. Most other scrubs are unstyled poly-cotton blends. Jaanuu has a variety of styles like the curve cargo pants, yoga pant scrubs, and even jogger scrubs to add a bit more variety in your work wardrobe. This is so their products last longer, resist fade and wrinkles, and suit the needs of the hardworking people who wear them. For those of you working on the frontlines you can enter a code for a healthcare worker discount.

Competitors and Alternatives There are a few different alternatives to consider. You may want to compare Jaanuu vs.

Figs Scrubs and vs. FIGS is another fashionable scrub company within the same price range, but with far less unique designs. While Figs scrubs have about the same price, if a little cheaper than Jaanuu, their accessories are more expensive.

Medelita is more expensive, but generally the same types of scrubs as Figs. Medelita has very high ratings from customers with most products having 5 stars. However, they have very little color variety. If the only colors you want to wear are various shades of blue, and grey or black, Medelita has you covered.

Along with medical professional clothing, Medelita also sells stethoscopes and gifts for people within the medical profession. Consumers rave that everything is comfortable and fits to size. Just about every product has a rating of at least four stars, if not more.

They have pictures of some of the healthcare workers who use their scrubs for the whole crew with positive testimonials about the brand. Overall, this is a solid company that supplies quality apparel for medical professionals. The About and FAQ pages are loaded with helpful information on the company and the products. There is no phone number on their website, but they are on a number of social media platforms. Where to Buy? Wondering where they are made?

There is no brick and mortar store, nor are they available on other online retailers like eBay or Amazon.Also, the new standards suggest wearing a face cover.

And furthermore in light of the fact that I thought the antimicrobial innovation was truly cool. I got 1 pack in the grown-up size, however they additionally have a littler form of the Face veil for kids. After getting them, I was intrigued by the nature of them however was stunned to see that they are made in Vietnam!!

They guarantee that the outside is made with a delicate scour texture rewarded with silvadur antimicrobial innovation. This kind of texture treatment ought to forestall microscopic organisms and shape to frame on the texture. These face covers are not proposed to give antiviral assurance.

jaanuu scrubs review

Within is fixed with a cotton texture, which is overall quite delicate on the skin. The ear circles are very short yet it works with the state of the cover.

jaanuu scrubs review

The texture closes nearer to your ears, which makes little no strain to the ear. At the end of the day the ear circles fits serenely. I trust it bodes well.

I wear glasses, and the issue I regularly have with careful veil is that my glasses hazes up each time I breathe out. I know its really irritating. I realize wearing a cover should feel great. I had to wear a N95 for an all-inclusive timeframe as an understudy yet that is another story. The absolute first time I wore Jaanuu face veil it was incredibly difficult to relax. Each time I breathe in the veil just comes in as though it was coming in alongside the air.

So it was hard to breath in this veil.

jaanuu scrubs review

In any case, after, it was minimal simpler to inhale the second time I wore the jaanuu reusable face cover. Something that would enable the veil to keep a specific shape. It would help with the breathing issue. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Jaanuu makes contemporary medical workwear and accessories for men and women.

Their products include scrubs, lab coats, masks, and accessories. Their designs reflect popular current trends and all of their fabrics are odor fighting, antimicrobial, stretchy, and wrinkle resistant. This Jaanuu scrubs review will give you all the information you need to know about the brand; an overview of the company, their most popular products, what customers think, promotions they offer, and compare them to other medical apparel companies, to help you decide if these scrubs are worth the buy.

Neela Sethi Young. The two started Jaanuu in after Dr. Neela, a pediatrician, became frustrated with the standard unflattering and uncomfortable uniform worn throughout the medical world.

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Jaanuu founders sought to reinvent scrubs in a way that reflects style and function. Jaanuu offers more than the standard scrub tops, bottoms, and jackets.

Medical personnel can shop for underscrubs, compression clothing, and lab coats. Jaanuu also designs masks, scrub caps, and a lab cart handle cover that you can also use at the grocery store. This Jaanuu scrubs review will take a look at some of their bestsellers. The SPINryx fabric is extremely soft, is designed for breathability, and soaks up moisture. There are 4 convenient pockets :.

These Jaanuu scrub pants are completely on-trend. The casual and comfortable jogger design enables the wearer to feel free of restricting fabric yet still look professional. Constructed with 4-way stretch properties for extreme comfort and durability.

Jaanuu Reviews

Ok, now this is the ideal pocket situation. With its relaxed fit and simple 2 pocket designthis top is for the men who just need their essentials at work. The V-Neck promises functional performance, durability, and extreme comfort. These scrub joggers are built with 6 convenient pockets:. This Jaanuu by Dr. The coat blends sleek tailoring with a polished finish.

Jaanuu Scrubs Review: Superior Comfort for Nurses?

The semi-fitted silhouette features a four-button closure with a center back vent for ease of movement. This attractive Jaanuu lab coat is built with fabric that is liquid repellant and moisture-wickingwith an antimicrobial finish as well as resistance to fading and wrinkles. It has a blazer style fit and elbow patcheswhich accentuates the trendiness of this coat while remaining professional. Jaanuu Masks are made from the same durable and comfortable fabric as their signature scrubs, treated with Silvadur antimicrobial preservative technology which adds an extra layer of protection to the fabric.

This technology prolongs the life of the mask while inhibiting the growth of organisms. Jaanuu Masks are reusable and washablefeaturing comfortable, adjustable ear loops so they fit a range of facial and head sizes. They also make masks for kids! The protective masks are rated 5 stars among over 17, website reviews and come in packs of 5 up to packs of 10, However, if you require a Jaanuu wholesale of more than 10, they can help you out with that too. Jaanuu offers 16 designs to choose from, but just be aware that your packs will only come in one designwhich seems to be the only downside about them.

FIGS scrubs have a lot of similarities to Jaanuu scrubs, but also some really big differences. In this section, this Jaanuu scrubs review will do a Jaanuu vs FIGS brand comparison in terms of pricing, product variety, and available colors.This post may contain affiliate links.

If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission. Read our full disclaimer here. Our opinions are not affected by affiliates and are our own. The Jaanuu Scrubs Review is possible due to readers and affiliates, thank you!

When it comes to nursing scrubs, Jaanuu is one brand that many nurses look towards for quality, comfort and performance. A lot of people ask, what does Jaanuu mean?

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Jaanuu is derived from the Hindi word Jaanwhich means life. How do Jaanuu Scrubs fit? How do they compare to other top scrubs? Should nursing students get Jaanuu? Keep in mind, for this review we used this set of scrubs male and this set of scrubs female for review purposes. Starting off with the fit, finish and build quality of Jaanuu Scrubs.

This is an ultra-soft, two-way stretch fabric that has superior performance. It is designed to have excellent color-retention fade resistancewrinkle resistance, and moisture wicking support. They also claim that each piece of fabric is engineered from only the premium stuff and cut with the sharpest of precision. In addition, Jaanuu uses ultra-soft fabric that is antimicrobial finished. The stitching and thought put into the design really does show how top-tier build quality makes a difference, even with something as simple as medical scrubs.

They are incredible comfortable, look great and have a unique feel. With the drawstring pants, you get five pockets.They were created by two siblings, Dr. Neela and her brother, to reinvent what was possible in the medical apparel industry. The scrubs are made to fit very well and have unique designs and cuts that no other scrub brand currently offers.

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Looking for more on the what, when, and why of scrubs? Check out this primer on all things scrubs! The materials are sturdy and comfortable; this means no uncomfortable stretching or pulling during or after a hour shift. Both the scrub top and bottoms that I tried on did fit a little snug, so I would recommend buying one size up or sticking with your true size, depending on your desired fit. Sign up with a free profile for more nursing resources, tips and tricks, and access to your very own Nurse Advocate!

Yaya has been a Registered Nurse for over 5 years. Oh, and she's a proud trustednurse! Your weekly email to stay up to date with the latest in healthcare and technology. For Nurses. For Employers. Jaanuu Nursing Scrubs Review Aug 6, Follow us instagram Instagram facebook Facebook twitter Twitter youtube Youtube.Health care professionals spend their entire careers in scrubs and medical attire, so why not make them stylish and comfortable?

I think this category is where these scrubs absolutely shine. If you check out their collection, they have tops that can transition seamlessly to after-work outfits.

Jaanuu Nursing Scrubs Review

Their shirts and pants are meticulously constructed and fashion-forward. The biker top stands out because its golden zipper adds a bit of glamor. I can see them going well with white skinny pants for a dressier look. I could easily see myself wearing them at home or on the weekends as casual street wear.

They pair well with a cotton tee and sneakers. It has a more constructed look and feel, rather than that soft-stretch loose t-shirt feel of other scrub tops. The jogger pants are made of a similar material as the scrub top and are super comfortable and cool to the touch. The waistband can be adjusted easily so they hang comfortably around your hips.

The elastic around the ankles are not too tight and very flattering. I wore the jogger pants for the entire day and felt great in them. I think the scrubs might get softer with a tumble in the wash, but they do wrinkle and crease. The biker top is really easy to wear because the zipper unzips all the way and you can essentially slip on the top like a jacket.

The jogger pants have zipper pockets for your hands and one cargo pocket on the side for storing more pens. The scrub top in XS was a little long for me, so I would love to see a petite line! But the top really accentuated my waist line and definitely has a fitted look. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Disclaimer: The following is my honest review of these scrubs.

I did receive a free pair to try out, but I did not get paid to endorse them. Biker top in black XS and jogger pants in black XS Style I think this category is where these scrubs absolutely shine. Scrub wear or street wear? Fit The scrub top in XS was a little long for me, so I would love to see a petite line! Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Tammy Lindsey. May 27, Need khaki joggers pants and maroon shirt Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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jaanuu scrubs review

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Jaanuu scrubs review

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